Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Sex Dolls

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Here at DyskreetSexDolls & Lingerie, we're not socio-politically minded or motivated, but we do have an opinion & from time to time - we like to voice our opinion, especially when it impacts our daily lives, which in turn impacts our clients' daily lives.

Historically, China and Her provinces have been under attack for a few hundred years, due to its advancement in innovation and technology. China is historically renown for its cutting-edge medical practices, massive trade production / management, technology & skillful trade including the arts. She was labeled as the Orient, because she is located in the Far East & produced exotic subjects. Within the last 200 years or so, China developed the most advanced and productive railways systems, placing her at the forefront of the industrial revolution.

"What does this have to do with Sex Dolls?" One may ask. We insult no one's intelligence, but be aware that in this era, China continues to be a major, if not the major platform and source of the world's demand-and-supply chain - just as she was in the ancient times, on the Silk Road and through the industrial revolution. China has a vast and complex ports-system that 'is' highly coveted by many, because of its ability to export its production at an incredible rate.

If these ports or even one of them is shut down, what are the possibilities? Now, imagine if China's overall production is shutdown at 90-95%...the network is interrupted and just about ensues economic stress and chaos - for almost the entire world! China is an industrial complex for the entire world, especially giant investment agencies. China and her people absorb a lot and derided by the common man. Yet, the common man must halt when China halted.

Wuhan isn't new to the Novel Coronavirus - literally. Engage oneself in a 1981 Best-Seller by Dean Koontz, titled The Eyes of Darkness and decide for oneself. It's not a prediction by D. Koontz, but predictive-programming. We commoners don't run the stock markets, banking systems, currencies, etc. and therefore rely on a giant web of trade, wholesale, retail and resale.

Call it deja vu, call it politics, call it circumstance...but Sex Dolls aren't being crafted, Sex Dolls aren't being traded and desired orgasms aren't being satisfactorily achieved! China has provided and propelled this Great Sex Doll Market into what it is today, allowing us to thrive in many aspects: Stress-Free Sex, Heightened Level of Masturbation, STD Reduction, Prostitution Diversion, etc.

COVID-19, wherever you're from - you are unwanted and will not stop Our Sex Dolls from Touring & Engaging Our Clients' World, Coronavirus-Free!


DyskreetSexDolls Team

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