Sex Doll Talk: In the Weird? Taboo?

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

#Sex Dolls #Why? #Weird? #Taboo #Blog #Real Discussion Welcome to Dyskreet Sex Dolls, a brand-new online Sex Dolls and Lingerie Boutique. We’re currently under construction, so please bare with us, but feel free to contact us and/or to place your order.

So, let’s attempt to dispel and address a few myths about Sex Dolls - the seemingly more controversial item that we source and market.

Sex is the key word here, but this topic is extensive and can go in a million directions. Our specific aim is to identify the relationship of ‘sex’ with ‘dolls’. This is not a scholarly article, therefore, you will not find citings or footnotes.

Since human beings are sexual beings, there is obviously an inherent reference to sex and human sexual elements such as, but not limited to: procreating, desire, love, lust, feeling, stimulation, gratification or the lack there of that applies to the said.

We can only wonder, imagine and even find historical evidence that human beings have sexually gratified themselves by a plethora of means and expressions, while likewise practicing the extreme opposite. Masturbation, for instance, is a simple and accessible means of self-gratification and can involve another or others.

Figures, statuettes, mannequin, puppets, etc. are not new inventions to any human cultures, as the same can be said for sex. To simplify the topic, we can probably deduce and conclude that these aforementioned inventions were created to mimic, to represent or to replace an actual human being or people for various reasons. So in a great sense, this concept would be the next best thing to an actual human being.

Sex, a complex term, action and ideology can cause or settle war - therefore it can also be considered sensitive. Sensitive to the point that the many aspects and (in)expressions of Sex can fall under the category of taboo. In some societies, public sexual expression is allowed or even normal, in others - it is forbidden as a topic and frowned upon to hold hands.

I would assume that the technological advancement of figurines, puppets, dolls, mannequins, statuettes, etc. was in a sense ’forecasted’, because human beings have always sought to evolve sexually in some way or another. A great example of this may be fetishes. The mind can translate, transform and accommodate itself by sexualizing whatever it imagines and thus, may seek to satisfy its desire.

Masturbation tools, toys and accessories are also nothing new. Therefore, I would be bold enough to say that the combination of such inventions was inevitable and now, we are in the midst of its evolution due to sophisticated technology and innovation.

From hands, puppets, crude devices to the earliest forms of the blow-up doll, it was considered taboo to engage oneself with such inventions - now, it’s taking the world by storm!

Who’s weird? What’s taboo? Stay tuned for some more information of interest if you’re involved with a sex doll or sex dolls...

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