Premium TPE Material: What is It?

Here at Dyskreet Sex Dolls & Lingerie, we feel obligated to not only inform our clients and potential clients, but we feel obligated to educate and provide as much information as possible to keep the viewer, owner and customer informed. 


So you're in the Sex Doll & Love Doll Companion Market and most likely, you hear the terms TPE and Silicone. Naturally, you may ask: What is the difference between the Two (2) Materials? Is there a difference? Let's take a look and break it down in layman's terms.


Thermoplastic Elastomer(s) or T.P.E. are a Class of Synthetic Materials that are typically made from a Complex Blend Polymers, mainly Rubber & Plastic. Nowadays, TPE is replacing a lot of items that were traditionally made with Latex, Rubber, Phthalates, Silicone, etc., which has allowed less vulnerability in regard to toxicity to those who may have certain allergies and/or adverse reactions to the latter. A host of items are manufactured from TPE, such as: Medical Materials / Devices, including Artificial Limbs; Shoes; Yoga & Other Athletic Mats; Safety Padding of All Sorts; Footwear and of course - Love Dolls! 

Silicone(s) are also a Class of Synthetic Materials that are typically made from a Complex Blend of Polymers, mainly Silicon (Carbon & Hydrogen) that has Rubber-like Properties. Like TPEs, Silcone(s) are replacing a lot of items and materials that have historically caused humans, animals & the environment to become vulnerable to toxins & allergens that are known to cause adverse reactions in scientific studies. Silicone has also been historically utilized in a plethora of daily household, medical, industrial, etc. manufactured items. 


Now that you're familiar with TPE & Silicone, Let's talk about PREMIUM TPE vs GENERIC TPE. 


Concerning our employment of Premium TPE, we are referring to Medical Grade TPE. Some may try to claim and/or persuade a novice that there’s no differences or types of TPEs, but this is simply incorrect. Premium or Medical Grade TPE qualifies as such due to its PURITY. During the complex manufacturing process of Medical Grade TPE, rigorous quality control measures and exceptions are taken to guarantee disqualifications of foreign additives such as: Latex, PVC, Phthalates, and BPA; animal derived or animal bi-products. Because Medical Grade TPE is being utitilized in and during intricate medical procedures / processes, it must minimize allergen exposure as much as possible by maintaining its Medical Grade Integrity! 


Generic or Conventional TPE is manufactured with less quality control, simply because it's going to be used in exposed and non-sterile environments. You should expect Generic and Conventional manufactured TPEs to utilize in industries such as: household products; hardware / construction; outdoor / gardening items; automotive / transportation production and the like. 


Therefore, when it comes to TPE Quality and Standards, we ONLY source Love Doll manufacturers that in turn ONLY source PREMIUM, MEDICAL GRADE TPE to craft, mold & intricately produce Love Dolls. For us, this is imperative, because in this day-and-age, there is so much exposure to chemicals and chemical reactions that lead to and cause so many diseases - the associated toxicities and allergic reactions are unpredictable. 


We believe that sound physical and mental health is of primary importance, not to mention an investment. Besides this, Your Love Doll is an intimate investment that should be crafted from the Highest Quality Materials and Materials in order to retain its integrity for years to come.  Now that You are aware of our Premium


Medical Grade TPE Standard vs Other Generic / Conventional TPE Standards, let's look at the PROs vs CONs of Premium Medical Grade TPE vs Silicone Based Love Dolls. 


Pros Vs Cons / Premium Medical Grade TPE




  • Premium Medical Grade TPE is Significantly Less Expensive, Allowing Premium Medical Grade TPE Love Dolls to be Practically Affordable for Any Budget.

  • Premium Medical Grade TPE has Superior Elasticity, Enabling the Premium Medical Grade TPE formed Love Dolls to be Much More Realistic in Touch, Look, 'Jiggly (i.e. Booty & Tits Mobility; Shake)' and Flexible (Position these Dolls like the Average Chick!). 

  • Premium Medical Grade TPE is Suitable for Water-Based Lubricants (Other Sources May Recommend Silicone-Based Lubricants, but after Thorough, Modern Day Research - Dyskreet Sex Dolls & Lingerie Does Not). 

  • Premium Medical Grade TPE has Little to No Odor. Yes! Your Premium Medical Grade TPE Love Doll will Not (and Should Not) Have an Unattractive Chemical Odor that One Would Find with Rubber, Plastics, PVCs and Even Some Silicone(s). 

  • Premium Medical Grade TPE has the Innate & Elemental Ability to Retain Heat, BUT - Let Us Repeat - BUT, Premium Medical Grade TPE Love Dolls can become Hyperthermic (A fancy medical term meaning, 'overheat') and Lead to Your Sexy & Beautiful Love Doll's Demise! You Can Get Your Love Doll Very, Very Warm, but Be Careful Not to Overheat Her - She's Already Hot!




  • Premium Medical Grade TPE is Semi-Porous and Due to Its Semi-Porousness, it Characteristically becomes Susceptible to Moisture Retention, but What Doesn't? Don't be Mislead by this Common 'Con'; Silicone, Rubber, PVC, Human Skin, etc. are All Semi-Porous and therefore Susceptible to Moisture Retention. In order to Prevent Mold, Fungal / Yeast & Other Like Infection(s), We Must Facilitate the Appropriate Measures (Clean Properly & Dry Properly!). 

  • Premium Medical Grade TPE is a High-Heat Sensitive Material. Again, Premium Medical Grade TPE, when Molded to Its Maximum Pliability & Elasticity,  Characteristically becomes More Sensitive to the Elements, including Heat, but What Doesn't? The Average Human Being's Body Temperature is 97°F and when it Rises to 102°F, we Naturally React to this as a Fever - a Danger Zone. Do the Same for Your Sexy & Beautiful Love Doll - Keep Her Temperature Down & Avoid Extreme Elemental Exposure!

  • Premium Medical Grade TPE is Dark-Color Absorbent. This is True, Due to the Innate & Elemental Characteristics of TPE, which is by Design - Most Grades & Types of TPE Absorb Dark Colors & Can Become Stained. We Recommend Avoiding Dark Colored Clothing, Especially if the Clothing / Fabric was Colored by Dyeing Methods. 


In conclusion, Dyskreet Sex Dolls & Lingerie only sources Premium Medical Grade TPE Love Dolls.  After extensive research and trials through sales & marketing, we concluded that Premium Medical Grade TPE Love Dolls are most suitable for the current Sex / Love Doll Market and Its Enthusiasts. 

Affordability and High Quality are key components in today's vast markets. We believe in Quality over Quantity and Transparency over Shadows. Our name and reputation can only be recognized and rewarded by providing the Highest Quality Products, Service and Information to all who we encounter or those who may encounter us. 

We value Your honest feedback, comments and inquiries as we continuously aspire to grow in perfection of this business.


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